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Filthy Casuals

Post by Bytes »

Hey guys, so skimming through the Ladle 105 thread I saw that a lot of teams are currently/planning top be more open with participation. I doubt many of you remember old <|Bytes but if you need a sub around ladle time then drop me a PM I'll probably be a bit rusty but I at least know what I'm doing. Oh and when is pickup generally active atm so I can get some decent games in?

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Re: Filthy Casuals

Post by Nagi »

ohi bytes!

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Re: Filthy Casuals

Post by Monkey »

Heya Bytes, of course we remember you :)
Pickup is totally inactive at the moment :(
As for Ladle day, you should have no problem getting on a team, as long as you express your wishes in the Ladle thread (which hasn't been created yet).
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