Future of Sumo Tournaments

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Future of Sumo Tournaments

Post by Cody »

Once upon a time I was the main hoster of Singlebind sumo tournaments, Sumo Bar tournaments, and 1v1 sumo. I grew these tournaments from their raw form to something that the community could embrace and enjoy. In my abstinence from tron Magi took control of the work and continued the dream of sumo tournaments.

Thank you Magi for your work in Sumo Bar tournaments, you have striven to keep alive a tournament that was once a mammoth in the sumo community. Your work has not gone unnoticed.

That being said it has come to my attention of the concerns of future sumo tournaments, and I have decided to address these issues.

The rumors are true, I will now be hosting Sumo Bar, 1v1, and SB Sumo tournaments once again.

This change will make things less stressful around here. The Grand Sumo Games will still be hosted by Magi as that is his creation and not mine.

I hope you guys are ready for embracing with the new year coming up!

I, Cody, am once again the hoster for Sumo Bar, 1v1 sumo, and SB sumo tournaments
An official Sumo Tournament website (The wiki will still be used for brackets)
An official Sumo Tournament Ladder (For each individual tournaments)
Your own custom Tournament Account that will track your progress and victories! as well as your defeats
Official Sumo Tournament servers
Official Sumo Bar/1v1/SB Sumo servers for practicing
Much more!

Thank you all for reading and happy holidays, expect big changes in January when Ill announce even more goodies!

For clarification
I am not the hoster for TST
I am not the hoster for WST
I am not the hoster for shovel
the above tournaments are not in my possession to take ownership.

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