3 month review (forum split)

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Should Competition subforum be brought back here?

I don't care
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Re: 3 month review (forum split)

Post by breeze »

About the cockpit; I really like the essential series, including rain's essential and flex's essential remix. I like flex's a bit more because it has more information without being cluttered. I would really like to see something like one of those included with 0.4. I like them because they are minimalistic, but contain all the vital information while giving you the most space to view the game. Please consider something like these.

I think it was mentioned at some point, not sure if it still on the table, but a big plus would be the ability to change cockpits from an in-game menu.

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Re: 3 month review (forum split)

Post by Soul »

so whens the sub forum coming back?
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Re: 3 month review (forum split)

Post by compguygene »

Soul wrote:so whens the sub forum coming back?
compguygene wrote:Well, we can all debate this forever. I have a simple prediction. Tank Program will see this topic, see what Z-Man and Lucifer have said about it, and see what we have said about it. Then, after a quick reflection, he will do the right thing and restore the competition forums here. However, that may be a while, as Tank is pretty darned busy in real life and doesn't seem to be around at this time. Only Tank has the permissions to do this.
Until then, I would advise anybody that is posting about a competition to do exactly what I did for Ladle 96. Post about it in the General Subforum here and post on the other forum. Anybody notice the greater turnout for Ladle 96?
Just a reminder, the question was answered with the above post.
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Re: 3 month review (forum split)

Post by kyle »

Also we did point tank to the topic on IRC, so it's more of when he gets motivated to come back to the mess he has been taking a break from. (it was a mess when he left)

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Re: 3 month review (forum split)

Post by aP|Nelg »


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