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Re: I'm registering

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Light wrote:In the direction of that, now all you have to do is log in there with your account here and it will register you if you're not registered already. That should cut down on a little bit of the annoyance of making a new account, right?
I'm going back on this because I had an idea. We don't have to completely lock out registering for everyone. All we have to do is simply block registering another users' account if it exists here. New users can still register as normal, and if you're using the same name as here, just use the same password (capitalization matters in the username and password) to claim it there.

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Re: im not registering

Post by vov »

Neat. Thanks for all the effort with it! :-)

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Re: im not registering

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The style needs to be copied from this forum though...

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Re: im not registering

Post by Phytotron »

Well, I for one was happy to find out it wasn't an April Fool's joke. Most of the crappy people and posts on this forum have their origin in that subforum in one way or another.

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Re: im not registering

Post by Word »

For the record, forum activity here has been somewhat reduced in recent weeks - mostly thanks to the new subforums I suppose. Are there any statistics that show whether the player base is growing again? (And is there any development going on? I'm just curious and longing for some kind of PSA. :P Didn't Lucifer have some projects in mind?).

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Re: im not registering

Post by ConVicT »

Word wrote: Are there any statistics that show whether the player base is growing again?
Yes, it's called the iD statistic, apparently.
If there are more than 10 iD Students' on at one time, the game is inactive...

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