Ladle 82 Predictions

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Ladle 82 Predictions

Post by takburger »

Wow such brackets !!!


CTa vs Unk : 2-1, it could go either way, good luck Plee who just made it into CTa (hence my choice of victor)

RD vs SH : 2-1, we gonna have fun there hehe and will give all we have to best you, which could be done thanks to our secret assets.

Endgame vs Exe: 1-2, is it endgame because last ? I see this very tight, Endgame can do pretty well vs those exe players, 3b is the issue tho. Could go either way

Oops vs abc: 0-2.

Id vs Pluto: 2-1 ID came strong recently, but they have many weaknesses to abuse. In another hand, Pluto have some cool people but they lack teamplay and priority during games. Could go either way.


R vs CTa : 2-1 Rogue got some new blood coming to wake them up, it is a good thing, the clan will be strong and ready to fight a team like CTa

RD vs exe: 2-1 Rd has the strong hand there, maybe exe can show something good... We'll see.

SP vs ABC: 0-2 SP lost some good players and recruited new blood, it does not make them able to compete vs abc yet.

ID vs WW: 1-2 And here Ww come as a surprise, showing some good sumo moves to secure their win vs ID, tight tho.


R vs RD : 2-1 the unofficial final there, I vote for R, RD will miss vov on that match :)

abc vs Ww: 2-0


R vs abc : 2-1 abc got some nice players, but I don't see those players fitting all together in one team. Prove me wrong :)
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Re: Ladle 82 Predictions

Post by Vogue »

I'm not guessing who wins how many matches.

Opening round

Crazy Tronners vs Team Unknown
CT is a good team but UNK wants it more.

Redemption vs Still Here
Sh consists of takburger/theo/karas and a few I'm not aware of?.. they played solid so far but I still think RD will take the win because they have more experience together as a team.

Endgame vs exentric
It's our first ladle together as a team so Ascension has the upperhand team synergy wise, however we have much greater skill than they do. Don't make me eat my words. <3

OOps vs a black cat
Yeah, the open team won't win this.

Immortal Dynasty vs Team Pluto
ID has shown a lot of potential the few times they played ladle, definitely more than Thumps team. I don't think they'll have any issue beating team puddi or w/e they're called now.

Second round

Rogue Tronners vs Team Unknown
Either team could win this especially because R has a few people not showing up if I recall correctly. R most likely wins, tho.

Redemption vs exentric
I'm going to be extremely biased here. These should be close games, especially because RD wants revenge on me after I joined their clan as a troll and left them (judders part 2) but I'm hoping we can best them.

Speeders vs a black cat
ABC will beat SP without breaking a sweat. They're simply on another level and to be honest, Speeders is too lazy to put in effort.

Immortal Dynasty vs Wild West
WW has better individual players, they should win!

Semi Finals

Rogue Tronners vs exentric
Biased again! Rogue Tronners has excellent teamwork, probably better than ours- but we're thirsty for our first ladle win whereas they're less active than us.

a black cat vs Wild West


exentric vs a black cat
I'd love to play these guys and see where we match up, unfortunately I'm gonna be realistic and say we'll most likely lose this.
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Re: Ladle 82 Predictions

Post by J Dawg »

My predictions as to who wont win ladle:

Still here
Wild West
A black cat
team plut.00
Immortal dynasty
Rogue tronners
Team unknown

Gl and Have fun!

PS: predictions to come soon :D
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