2nd FFA, Signups open!!! March 23 (sun)

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Re: 2nd FFA, Signups open!!! March 23 (sun)

Post by Venijn »

delinquent wrote:
Venijn wrote:
delinquent wrote:If we encourage captains to include one or two newcomers into their teams, it may allow for the attraction to fortress without compromising a teams chances of winning (read: Everyone is at the same disadvantage).
I disagree. There have been many many many occasions where some n00b has entered the server, and wrecked the game for everyone. On the other hand, some actually listen to criticism and take it the right way, and begin to try for their team. If they are new to fort, they won't understand the players, the desire to win, etc etc

Some players new to fort are very very good, others aren't.

I don't agree with that point. I still maintain that the FFA (although it is a nice gesture) is not ideal for getting new players into fort.
Aye, I think it could swing either way tbh. Lets see how it plays out.
Pfft, you may as well have said nothing.
Magi wrote:I think Hoax's idea would also give increased value to ladle too, instead of it being an every month kind of thing, I think people will want to try harder to win it if it appears less
delinquent wrote:The eventual plan is for FFA to become more regular than it currently is, but I'm leaving such a large amount of time because I want to make sure the organisational aspects are entirely sorted. If that happens long before the current timeframe cycles, I'll be more than willing to move FFA3 forward by a substantial number of months.

I'm already expecting to move it forward to June/Julyish.
On what basis have your thought up your timescales? Is June/July the best time? (Summer tournaments usually suck.)
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Re: 2nd FFA, Signups open!!! March 23 (sun)

Post by delinquent »

Aye, they do. There's usually fewer people who sign up, which allows for a... "test environment" so to speak. Basically, if it goes wrong there's a smaller mess to sort out.

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Re: 2nd FFA, Signups open!!! March 23 (sun)

Post by Hoax »

Continuously running tournaments for armagetron and being run by 1 person are mutually exclusive. Just thought that this type of tourney was good enough to be the former.

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Re: 2nd FFA, Signups open!!! March 23 (sun)

Post by Ratchet »

There are tons of things I could quote and respond to on this topic. Many of the things you guys are suggesting and discussing have already been thought of and discussed during the first FFA. Perhaps the first step to fixing the FFA is revisiting the first occurance.

FFA - Discussion
FFA - Open

Titanoboa wrote:
bilbo baggins wrote:perhaps a google spreadsheet would work better than this?
Perhaps this is a great idea. So I made one for you guys to check out and evaluate.

Anyone with the link can edit: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

How To:
List the captains on the B column. Use their number from the A column and place it to the left of a player's name. All 1's should automatically turn red, all 5's green etc, for an easy overview. That player's name is also automatically added to the "Team members" list. Unfortunately, in the order they're listed; not in the picking order. The number of players on your team is in the D column, so you don't have to count the names on the list to see if someone missed a pick or picked twice.

It currently has room for 20 captains, 80 players and 20 substitutes. Making room for more players doesn't take more than a little while, so don't worry about that.

One downside, or so I thought, with a spreadsheet rather than !adding on irc, is having to manually add all the player names. It took me less than 3 minutes at a lazy pace, so really not an issue.

Check it out. What is it missing?

I think it will make it easy for the captains, and anyone can watch it updating live while they're picking.

I guess there's 2 ways to use it: Either all captains are given access to edit the thing themselves, or they pick on irc while watching the spreadsheet and an "admin" updates the spreadsheet.

It should be noted that this is exactly how the first FFA operated. And it worked rather well, actually.

If you visit this page you will be more informed on how teams were picked the first time.
This was the original spreadsheet and, after players were inserted into all of the spots and teams were picked, this is what it looked like.

I cannot recall all of the things I wanted to respond to within the last few pages of this thread, but I will pick out a few:
- Monkey/Sine/Others - Randomized teams: No! Although it would be easier to throw your hands in the air and give up on trying to find a method to this madness, I assure you this is not the solution. The captain aspect, as Sine stated, is exactly what makes it appealing! Also, DGM doesn't have the first pick during every FFA tournament. If you feel like DGM and Fipp play too well together, pick Fipp/DGM first. Duh!

- Sine/Others - IRC Bot: This is more than likely the best idea. And I completely agree with it. The reason the idea was abandoned was the lack of time for someone to come up with an IRC bot. I was working on it but time did not permit. A bot would be an ideal way of sorting teams.

- Sine - Event being a "show up to" rather than "sign up to": I can see this working out for the better, actually. The only thing I forsee is people forgetting that the tournament is on a certain day. When you "sign up" for something, and go through the process of confirming that you will be present, you are less likely to not show up. But, perhaps there could be some discussion in that regard.
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