Ladle 76 Predictions

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Ladle 76 Predictions

Post by ElmosWorld »

Opening Round:

Phoenix Fire(0) vs. Speeders(2) - Rematch of last ladle with the same result.
Wild West(x) vs. kill st.(x) - Don't see Wild West getting enough players
Crazy Tronners Alpha(2) vs. OOps(0) - Nothing to see here
Rogue Tronners(2) vs. Crazy Tronners Beta(0) - Even with R's slow start every ladle, they'll be able to handle CTb easily.
Void(0) vs. #winning(2) - Unless everyone else in Void is as good at fort as Peanut, this match won't be close.
Redemption 2(2) vs. Immortal Dynasty(0) - Unless Rd2 doesn't manage to get a full squad(which is a possibility), an all Rd quarterfinal seems likely.
Speed of Light(0) vs. Redemption(2) - Axon complains of lag the whole time and misses half the match due to a popup

Quarter Finals:
Team.uNk(2) vs. Speeders(0) - Ladle winners vs. a team who hasn't won anything recently.
kill st.(2) vs. Crazy Tronners Alpha(0) - I predict a server change to the EU backup server. CT only played the Ladle winners but lost badly(mostly due to server issues). Haven't seen many players from either team in a fortress server lately, so it should be an interesting match.
Rogue Tronners(2) vs. #winning(0) - #losing #notclose
Redemption 2(0) vs. Redemption(2) - There's a 2 for a reason.

Semi Finals
Team.uNk(1) vs. kill st.(2) - kill st. makes less mistakes and wins a close match.
Rogue Tronners(2) vs. Redemption(1) - Redemption only loses when they beat themselves and with their only sub being Kronkleberry, they all need to be very careful. This match will be won or lost in the center battle, so gl DGM and Gazelle.

kill st.(2) vs. Rogue Tronners(1) - A rematch of an opening round match from last Ladle. kill st. managed no offense last Ladle and got run over. This Ladle will be different.

glhf! Let the flame thread begin!

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Re: Ladle 76 Predictions

Post by J Dawg »

Nice brackets elmo :p it would be cool to see rogue tronners beat redemption, but nonetheless, mine are a bit similar to yours :p

Opening Round:

Phoenix Fire(0) vs. Speeders(2) - Speeders coming into ladle with a lot of new blood, with additions like coco, and the New rookie player Requiem, Speeders look like a very formidable opponent and will prove that against phoenix.

Wild West(0) vs. kill st.(2) - wow, really depends on who shows up. Elmo will show up with sine, the more active members of kill street, which probly is enough to beat Ww.

Crazy Tronners Alpha(2) vs. OOps (0)- Crazy tronners are at their antics again, showing a different squad then they have shown in the past, definitely skilled enough for OOps

Rogue Tronners(2) vs. Crazy Tronners Beta(1) - Sad ctb players cant make it :( however for the players they DO have, I think they can manage a match before R wakes up.

Void(0) vs. #winning(2) - WINNNING!!!

Redemption 2(2) vs. Immortal Dynasty(0) - I miss redamnson D:

Speed of Light(0) vs. Redemption(2) - Speed of light just got a unlucky matchup against the runner up

Quarter Finals:
Team.uNk(1) vs. Speeders(2) - Basing this on what I see on the grid. I always see speeders members, and the skill cap of the clan overall has increased, will it be enough to take down the unknown? who knows, but ya gotta love the underdog :)

kill st.(1) vs. Crazy Tronners Alpha(2) - Elmos Bias, ct don't lag, we just hole badly :p regardless, cta's activity does laps around kill st, even if they havent been recently active this month. Unless liz, apple, and pyrr play non stop for the ladle they may have a chance, but as elmo said, only time will tell :)

Rogue Tronners(2) vs. #winning(0) - LOSSING
Redemption 2(0) vs. Redemption(2) - REDAMNNSON!

Semi Finals
Team.uNk(1) vs. Crazy Tronners Alpha(2) - a nice rematch with some vengeance
Rogue Tronners(2) vs. Redemption(1) -As elmo said, What will make the match is the centering from both teams. we all have wanted to see two skilled centers, and now to see DGM and Gazelle go at it? fkin pinch me.

Crazy Tronners Alpha (1) vs. Rogue Tronners(2) - Z man is trying to separate us!! we are always in a different side of the bracket :( Crazy tronners made it this far, but with the recent missing players of ct and the enthusiasm from their win against rd, rogue tronners will come out the 76th ladle winners!!


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Re: Ladle 76 Predictions

Post by orion »

Jdawgg: didnt unk loss in quarters?

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