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Re: Ladle 70

Post by woof »

Fun matches Ww, CT, Revolver, Rogue. And grats to you Rogue Tronners, you really deserved that one.

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by orion »

First rankings updated, the page is still under construction, dont take care of minor details

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by Gazelle »

Congratz R, well deserved.. fun matches everyone.

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by DaGarBBaGeMAN »

GM's Serenity (you guys should kick ass once you get a full squad together), Phoenix, that 70's team (took me a while to get the joke), and Redemption!

+1 Loki's Server
+1 Aot UK - even though I only had a few slides here and there, I know that some ppl were complaining about this. I think by ladle EU server standards, this server was acceptable for a US player, but if the server got a quick reboot it should be even better quality. I remember the server being extremely smooth in the past.
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Re: Ladle 70

Post by Lowkey »

Gms revolver

Gz rogue!!!!!

+1 ct liv I didn't have a single lag and for a US player my ping was at 150 :) perfect.

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by þsy »

Good matches Rz and unk, was a lot of fun!

Gz Rogue, we were a little exhausted from our long previous matches, but you totally smashed us... :D

-999999 CT USA - All 12 of the players (hello and Rz), both US and EU found it totally unplayable and had to move to Rz's server. It's the worst ladle server I've played on in years, please delete this thing

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by Bytes »

Gm Revolver
Gz Rogue!

CT Liv +1 smooth as could be just about constantly.

And lastly, I would kindly ask that Hoax, next time we sub one of our players to you so that your team can actually play, please don't be a douchébag the entire time. Thank you.
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Re: Ladle 70

Post by *16 »

Gz Rogue Tronners.

Can't say anything about servers, didn't play.

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by assaindan »

delinquent wrote:Good match vs 6lu, they play much better than anyone would have thought. WD Rogue, we didn't stand a chance.

AOT UK -1 - really slidey today.
Loki's +1 - decent server, US but most of us had pings below 150.
Thank you. Don't worry we will be back ;)

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by Nagi »

gms, gz R

--> enemies: you shouldnt't turn into assholes if we finally beat a #1 clan no matters how. Be happy Ratchet joined you.

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by dreadlord »

Congratulations Rogue Tronners, really well played and therefore a well deserved victory.
Also, good matches Wild West, CT and Revolver. Many close matches, I've had fun playing in this Ladle.

Renegade's: 0/-1 (sometimes really laggy, apart from that stable; no updated auths)
uNk's: +1
AoT US: 0
AoT EU: 0

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by sinewav »

þsy wrote:It's the worst ladle server I've played on in years, please delete this thing
It will be deleted as soon as you provide a better alternative.

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by Light »

sinewav wrote:
þsy wrote:It's the worst ladle server I've played on in years, please delete this thing
It will be deleted as soon as you provide a better alternative.
You could try out one of my servers for it. I just never bothered because I wasn't completely sure it could handle that many players, but it should be able to, and Ladle always seems to have enough so it didn't seem like a problem anyways.

Let me know. I guess at worst, you'd just use a backup server, and at best, it works out and I know I can host fort w/ that many players. :P

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Re: Ladle 70

Post by Nanu Nanu »

Congratulations, _~R~_! You really did a number on us, but I sure did have fun. I hope next time we can actually have a full team :D
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Nanu and Prema, Sui and Ninja,
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