Ladle 65

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by vov »

Good games everyone! That server really liked me in terms of centering :D

Edit: server ratings:

CT USA: 0 a slightly higher ping for EU people now, but overall OK
CT LIV: +1 no problems here for me
RZ 1: +1 although it crashed due to overload it was overall better than CT USA
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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Slickster »

Congratulations to Rd; 3rd time's the charm ;)

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by sinewav »

Global stats attached. Be sure to leave server feedback.
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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Flow »


justforcharacterlimit: Vov MVP :D

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Titanoboa »

Good ladle! Good matches Help! I'm Trapped, Speeders, MYM and Redemption/% !!!

And congratulations Redemption on your first ladle win!

AoT UK: +1
rZ 1: -1

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by DaGarBBaGeMAN »

Gm's OT, Sp, Mym, and Rd. And gz on your first ladle win Rd, well deserved!

zman's +1
rz2 +1
aot uk +1 (surprisingly)
rz1 +0 (usually good, but server host was messed up today so I'll abstain from voting on this one)
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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Gaz »

Congratz to Redemption! Sun shines on a dogs ass everyonce an awhile :P jk well deserved u guys have been there the last 3 ladles! about time u pulled one out!

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by THEred »

congratz Redemption! vov, next time I'm going to be the one to go down there and kill you when you center :x

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by devicat »

Hope to find you in our half of the bracket, next time, Rd. Enjoy your time in the spotlight. :]

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Cronix »

AoT UK: At start that server was really really terrible. Like really terrible. Got better at the end. It became that bad that people gave it +1 :D So my vote has to be: 0

Gz to the winners.
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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Agility »

Although not all my clan members showed up, good matchs. May ID preform a lot better next ladle.

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by ElmosWorld »

0 AoT NY, not terrible, but not as good as usual
-1 AoT UK, way worse than usual

gms CTb, uNk, and R, and gz Rd

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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Soul »

gms id, rz, revolver, and R. hope to see this many teams next ladle!
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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Monkey »

This was my first Ladle since returning to Armagetron from a four year absence and I thought it was great because there were sixteen teams and we had some really good matches.

Congratulations to Redemption.
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Re: Ladle 65

Post by Z-Man »

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