Ladle 63

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Re: Ladle 63

Post by Zimblunk »

sinewav wrote:If you get a chance, check out Zim's "Participation Timeline." Pretty interesting stuff.
That is actually Concord's work, not mine. :)

I did manage to get a recording of Phoenix vs Matrix, but I'm having trouble uploading it; will keep trying.

EDIT: Done! Follow this link, and click the "Click here to start download from sendspace" link.

Recorded using on a Mac.
Game starts at 440 seconds.
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Re: Ladle 63

Post by Kijutsu »

Congrats R! You guys took it back this ladle, well deserved. :star:

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Re: Ladle 63

Post by DaGarBBaGeMAN »

oh yeah: -1 ct usa/liv
they used to be great servers, don't know what happened. they probably need an update or something

+1 rz1
rz servers are always the best ones for me
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Re: Ladle 63

Post by Slickster »

Congrats _~R~_ !

Gms everyone.

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Re: Ladle 63

Post by Gonzap »

you can add beer's -1 to RZ he just doesn't join these forums nor knows the way we evaluate servers. We both had extreme lags.

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Re: Ladle 63

Post by Aiphaton »

gz R

Aot UK -500 (crashed)
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Re: Ladle 63

Post by Tobe »

I edited my post to give a short tutorial-ish explanation for Windows on how to skip the 6 and some minutes for those who didn't know how to do it or needed a reminder.

I didn't touch my keys after the game started, so you can most likely switch players and pull up the scoreboard as much as you like without it crashing, but Paging Up or Down or using the in-game console crashed for me.
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Re: Ladle 63

Post by what »

congratulations to the winners! thanks ct for letting me play :)

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