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Re: Ladle 60

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Manually collecting raw stat files from server operators is too much work. I made a program to sync raw stat data with a remote server. It's called armasync, and it's 85% completed. The remaining 15% is fixing an issue with SPAWN_SCRIPT, and fleshing out the data-loss prevention feature.

Filtering the stat data to only include real tournament matches isn't a difficult problem to solve. I'll just put the raw data on, and then players/team members can send me the links for the valid matches. I already have a script to extract a match from ladderlog.txt.

When armasync is ready for release I'll offer it to be used for tournaments, like the Ladle.

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Re: Ladle 60

Post by 1200 »

Sounds like a master plan!

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Re: Ladle 60

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Amazing! Thank you :D

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