Ladle 50!

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Ladle 50!

Post by apparition »

Winners of Ladle 50 may get a Tronny ;)

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by noob13 »

Round numbers, hell yeah! I think UNK has finally figured out a way to beat that nasty castle defense everyone keeps doing. Yes, we're dying for that tronny.

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by Clutch »

This is going to be a brutal competition to be honest o.o

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by FoFo »

I never wanted to win a ladle so much :o

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by Cody »

I never wanted a ladle win so much until now.

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by PokeMaster »

hmm....would be a nice bday present to win it....
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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by Rain »

mmm.. this sounds important...

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by THEred »

Rain wrote:mmm.. this sounds important...
not in the least

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by LucK »

I plan on losing this ladle.

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by þsy »

It's all about Ladle 51

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by BTD »

wow this is exciting ^^

OMG look its rebecca black!!!!! -->

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by Slickster »

þsy wrote:It's all about Ladle 51
all about ladle 190 tho

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by Olive »

you're all women.
Olive a.k.a ZeMu, MoonFlower & chicken.

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by teen »

my team will dominate ! I promise you all .

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Re: Ladle 50!

Post by kyle »

No it is all about ladle 2^x (x is an element of the integer grater than or equal to 4)

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