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Total Fortress

Post by Luiso »

Hoi guys:)
After the boring matches I had yesterday vs Sp with their new tactic, I have thought in an idea.
Since we can do nothing with teams which prefer tactics and boring matches instead of play face to face and get fun ( and it's ok, they are free to play however they want, there isnt a rule which makes you play some way), I would like to try a new tourney, Total Fortress.
My idea is, 6v6 fortress:
1 def. No doubledef allowed. Boring def isnt allowed either (you all know what a boring def is)
2 sweepers. No sweepbox allowed.
3 attackers. One center. Attackers can go back and help if the zone is getting ganked or if a sweeper is dead, not anymore.
Holes are off.
I didnt think in it, but some people in G5, when I said the idea, told me a referee would be needed, to say if a rule is getting broken.
I hope you like my idea, help with new ones and one day it gets real.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by matchbox53 »

Why have another tourney when some people cant play on every Sunday i think ladle should apply those rules

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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Slov »

I think this wouldn't work, I like this more ... 60&t=21558
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Cody <3 »

I actually like this idea.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by þsy »

Could be fun, maybe you wanna ref a match beer? :lol:

We do seem to be running out of Sundays though, just a thought to bear in mind. Maybe we could test this out, and then think about creating a 3 month fixture list of tourneys (both sumo and fort) so we can have a 'balanced diet' and know when things are occurring (like I suggested in another thread).

For those who are interested, I will probably be organising the fort showcase idea for a week night. I will make a poll to get the general consensus of which night would be most preferred.

Following Zap's comments in the build up to the ladle, I made a rough mental note of the ratio of cuts to holes throughout, and it was roughly 40/60 holing. So despite these 'boring tactics', cutting is still a vital aspect of ladle fortress, and if anything adds to the pressure as the player ratio become more and more important (so dying from a failed cut can be devastating for a team in a round). One statistic for SP at least is that every player (even the sweep and defence) cut the other team's defence at least once in the ladle (maybe with the exception of nubi who joined in the final match).

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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Rudycantfail »

no such thing as a boring, cheap or unfair def; its only a defense that you haven't figured out how to beat yet.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by compguygene »

Not to be a party pooper, but Armagetron games that require arbitrary rules beyond server settings are a fail. There are other ways to achieve the gameplay you desire.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Kijutsu »

I don't like this idea, and the butthurt from losing to SP is really showing.

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Re: Total Fortress

Post by dariv »

I agree the current rule system is broken in as much as it encourages conservatism, but don't like the idea that certain acts are basically not allowed. There must be a better way to fix it that doesn't depend on a human's subjective opinion.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by sinewav »

vogue wrote:I don't like this idea, and the butthurt from losing to SP is really showing.
I wasn't around to see what happened, and I can't be arsed to watch the recording. So what happened? Was it a double step-def with sweep-box?

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Re: Total Fortress

Post by syllabear »

a straight walled sweepbox around nubi doing step defence.. and when he did step defence he hid MILES behind his tail. Nearly a whole 1/4 of the box behind.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Magic »

Changing fortress settings to discourage conservative play would be one way to get what your seeking, but changing the settings is changing the gameplay. Have you ever thought about approaching the sweepbox from a different perspective? It's so far on the conservative scale that maybe all you need to do is counter it more aggressively. When defenses became more aware of how to not get cut by attackers and played more conservatively holing a more aggressive strategy also became more commonplace to counteract the conservative play.

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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Desolate »

I disagree with this, it's heavily based on the opinion of whatever referee(s) would be selected to watch the matches. Instead of trying to force everyone to play the way you consider fun and fair, why not just spend the time creating new settings or a game mode that prevents players from using "boring" tactics.

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Re: Total Fortress

Post by chah »

it's so annoying when I'm in a tunnel and someone's stabs the wall ahead of me.

Loose Fortress Tournament please.

so yeah, what Rudy said is basically how i feel.
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Re: Total Fortress

Post by Cronix »

syllabear wrote:a straight walled sweepbox around nubi doing step defence.. and when he did step defence he hid MILES behind his tail. Nearly a whole 1/4 of the box behind.
nowai... flex was defending :D
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