Ladle 44

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by THEred »

gz tx

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by kyle »

ya GZ TX,

Btw Liv "crashed" because it kicked all the players for timing out. My servers restart when it empties so that is why it went down since it was empty.

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by Slickster »


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Re: Ladle 44

Post by garisimo »

GZ to the champs.

It goes to show that all the clans have a very intense group of Dominant players who make these competitions great.

Great matches yall.
I am glad that so many quality people get together and play hard!
It is so enjoyable to spend time with you guys on the grid man...and yes a big big big ShoutOUTLOUD (SOL) and thank you to all the people who volunteered their times to make this shit happen...thank you Zman, Sine, admins everyone it does work and it works well. Considering all the silly destructive idiots out there trying to crash servers because they are f$*#%ing jealous! Thank you guys!

I belong to all the clans spiritually and would gladly play with any and againts any!
Grats TX!

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by Lackadaisical »

Grats tx! Don´t know about your attack, but definitely some of the best sweeping since the fofo/flex domination of last year.

Also some bigups to sa, who managed to gave us quite a run for our money with only five players most of the time, and also to tu for a nervebreaking third match.

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by Spook »

dam about time you guys win one very nice team work, and congratz to unk and espically gratz to Tx

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by dreadlord »

Gratz tx and thanks to organizers for the extra work --> go waya Codehunter!

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by dariv »

dreadlord wrote:Gratz tx and thanks to organizers for the extra work --> go waya Codehunter!
x2, whatever clever tricks you did, they worked, gz to the winners TX and everyone else for playing :D
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Re: Ladle 44

Post by theroze »

I haven't seen tx much on the grid lately, good to see you guys still have such a powerhouse :)
apparition wrote:You being able to kill so many players that quickly and efficiently is evidence that the community skill level must be dropping... Sad :/
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Re: Ladle 44

Post by Slov »

we got dominated by TX and Frozen was getting on my nerves all the time! congrats guys :D

and also a special hug for DS who were cool enough to fight us in the first round! <3
.pG (only like, the best clan ever)

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by Aiphaton »

yea thanks a lot DS

also gz to SA and Team.uNk :wink:
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Re: Ladle 44

Post by matchbox53 »

GZ hoaxy and durka and rudy <33333

and to the rest of txers

and to everyone who played :D

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by Matoso »

Gz TX wd gm
nice matches erryone
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Re: Ladle 44

Post by apparition »

I defended for CTz and didn't really expect such an aggressive attack (rare in Ladle now, I think) - as evidenced by the first 4 or 5 rounds of getting utterly dumped on. It was really fun to lose so badly to you guys. Mind giving us a head's up when Durka's actually gonna show up and commit to giving his undivided attention to the grid? :D

Very well done and congrats.

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Re: Ladle 44

Post by þsy »

Gz tx! You guys played rough, it was really good fun :D As lack said, your sweeping was a nightmare for us - FroZen was one tricky son of a woman.

I really like how open each ladle is, it seems that there are like 4-6 teams who have real potential of winning it. Commiserations to unk, you guys seem to always just miss out :cry: you'll get it soon I'm sure!

As for SP, we want to say a massssiiivvveee thank you to DS for helping us out by agreeing to play us. I think it was a bit unfair with how terrible ID Chicago was for your pings, but I hope it was still a fun match :D You guys are the best!

Look forward to next month!

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