Recordings: With chat or without?

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Should tournament recordings be done with chat visible or invisible?

Poll ended at Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:33 pm

Visible. Chat is an important part of the matches.
Invisible. I don't care about the random banter.
Total votes: 35

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Re: Recordings: With chat or without?

Post by Z-Man »

Meh. Doesn't work the way I thought it did (and it makes sense it doesn't), so yeah, I'll make the zones shorter and more transparent.

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Re: Recordings: With chat or without?

Post by theroze »

Olive wrote:zone_alpha .2
zone_height 2
Wow, exactly what I'm using :o
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Re: Recordings: With chat or without?

Post by ppotter »

.5 & .3 ftw

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