Ladle 43 Predictions

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Cronix »

i never underestimated pRu :) they are a nice clan with some skilled players indeed ;)
Signature? wtf...

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Jip »

You are all wrong! :lol:

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by sinewav »

If uNk.Team makes it that far we will lose for sure, from exhaustion!

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Hoax »

Elmo I guess you're an insecure noob too, a bit dim or you missed what I said after because you were too busy screenshotting
Point was you might do better if you just focused on your own team/game & not what 'people' are saying
Here's what I said in irc too "no talking about una or pru or tu or any other bs during pickup match" Complete with ;D smiley face after. This meant please dont talk as much as you were doing in G5's prior to the pickup match

Sort of on topic it's nice that since using the bigger bracket due to more teams it's actually been sustained

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by apparition »

I don't think anyone believes their team is 100% prepared for this Ladle, but once we're all on the grid we'll be out to prove each other wrong. The upper branch of the brackets has some strong individual flavors:, Rogues, Tx, and both CT's. The lower branch has Ironside, uNk, and Speeders. However, in the end, this Ladle won't be about the strongest flavors individually (CT, Rogue, Ironside, TX, and uNk), but which ones have a winning combination. Because believe it or not, this won't be the same Ladle we've been enjoying for the last 6 months... I'm excited to be surprised. And, the sooner we get to Sunday, surprised to be so excited. I feel like something big is gonna happen.

Upper bracket: - This team leads with some strong hints of skill and desire. They've been brewing for a long time and everyone has been waiting for uNk to pull themselves together for a Ladle win. I don't know if this will be it yet, and if uNk does win, I don't think it will be this team. My question is... Is 0ma Liza or not? Seriously, someone confirm this.
Rogues - A diverse team/clan that has been practicing quite a bit as always. They've been patchy lately, but when calmly and completely prepared, we all know that they can truly go far. I know from defending against Titan in today's pick-up fort matches that he is ready to bring his ruthless attack that helped propel this team in 2010. And if Rogue Tronners dedicates themselves to playing the way the did early last year, they have a realistic chance to win this Ladle.
Tx - In small, extremely concentrated amounts they can do very well in competition. Unfortunately Tx is kind of a diuretic these days. They taste good coming into the competition, but end up coming out way sooner than they expect. I'd like to see Tx rise up and show the competitive edge they've been lacking in the last year, but...
CTh - CTa won last Ladle with a modified roster. It was a really tough win, too. Things have been shaken up even further this Ladle because this really isn't CTa anymore. This is CThulhu, which means nothing to me but some people seem to be getting a kick out of it... Maybe I should Google it...
CTz - This CT is fresher, newer, rougher. And this definitely isn't CTb. If CTz wins this competition it's not because they're expected to win it, because they aren't, but because they want to win it more than everyone else knows. And I bet you were hoping I'd give more secrets away about what the two CT teams have to offer... :P

Lower bracket:
Ironside - Although a big part of me wants to pass by this team, I can't. Only because I've played with many of these players regularly. I can't tell what the future of Ironside will be, but I know the driving force behind their presence in Ladle is based on individual skill, strategic leadership, and a competitive edge reminiscent of KoD. May the force be with them, they'll need it.
team.uNk - Like their upper branch counterparts, team.uNk has the capability to explode. I really feel like uNk is a bomb waiting to go off. Don't you? This team has the cohesion that the other doesn't and everyone knows this team as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If team.uNk learns to swiftly adapt to their opposing team's evolving strategies, I could see them winning one of the next couple Ladles. The one thing lacking from team.uNk right now I think, is experience.
Speeders - It would be foolish not to mention Speeders, but it would be more foolish to expect them to succeed like they did last year. A lot is missing from Speeders' game and we all know it's not skill. Personally, I think it's that sense of urgency that teams like team.uNk have. If Speeders had uNk's heart (and if team.uNk had Speeder's experience), I'd say this competition would end with one of the two winning.

Gun to my head, here's my final prediciton:
CTz (2) vs. team.uNk (1), but don't quote me. I'm just as clueless as everyone else.

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by dreadlord »

Opening Round (18:00 GMT)

CT hulhu - ~bye~ 15

This is a really strong lineup for a bye, this could go either way but in the end ~bye~ 15 wins because they just pwn. 2-1

CTζ - DS

DS' lineup is not bad for sure but Ct zeta improved much in the last ladles in my opinion and with pike always motivating them they will win this. 2-0

Sweet Sixteen (18:45 GMT)

CT hulhu - CTζ

~bye~ 15 had to go and due to their generosity they gave their spot to CT hulhu o.O What should I predict here? CT hulhu has shown in previous ladles what it is made of while Ct zeta improved continuously. These will be intense matches, I'll try to watch them. 8) Joke aside, this time I predict CT hulhu to win, sorry Ct zeta, but only by some points. 2-1


I don't know why ACESKORA is not called ID, but playing in an europe server might be a disadvantage. Moreover Tx is the enemy, so sorry, tx wins this. 2-0

Hamboning - Rogue Tronners

Hamboning's lineup is not bad for sure, but Rogue Tronners seem to be too strong to me this time. 0-2

`'¢.The Collective -

Wow, another high quality matchup in the second round. Collective got many good players and good tactics for sure, but has more pwning tactics so they win, but only close. 1-2

Ironside - PRU

Pru did really well in previous ladles, but playing in an us server against a very good team exceeds their skills. 2-0

uNa - team.uNk

Sorry uNa but team.uNk is too good for you. Keep on practicing though, I want to see you on the upper bracket in future. ;) 0-2

Orgasmic Open Operatives - Sunshine Happy Club

This open team will have no chance against the well organised speeders team in my opinion. 0-2

Tronners Unlimited - Speeders

These could be good matches, TU improved lately, but Speeders still are too good for them. 0-2

Elite Eight (19:30 GMT)

Ct hulhu - Tx

Good matches, but we want revenge for ladle 41. Close matches though. 2-1

Rogue Tronners -

Two of the best teams of this ladle in my opinion, if my predictions are wrong and CT hulhu lost to CT zeta I'll try to watch this. :)
Rogue might be slightly better, that's why I let them win, but this could go either way. 2-1

Ironside - team.uNk

I know, many guys said in previous predictions that team.uNk wants to win their first ladle and consequently wins their matches - well, I agree to that point. For me this is the reason why they win against Ironside. 0-2

Sunshine Happy Club - Speeders

Speeders vs Speeders. Both have a very strong lineup. I just predict something here because I have to, and as many times before I say: This could go either way. :) 1-2

Final Four (20:15 GMT)

Ct hulhu - Rogue Tronners

We want to win this ladle, but same for Rogue. Playing in an us server might be the deciding advantage in the end. This goes to Rogue. 1-2

team.uNk - Speeders

So close to their aim they won't be stoppable, insa's defense will be victim of uNk's holing tactic. Close matches though. 2-1

Championship (21:00 GMT)

Rogue Tronners - team.uNk

Playing in CT's USA decides this match in my opinion. Both teams are very, very skilled (probably the reason why they reached final :P). team.uNk will do their best, but Rogue pulls out the win in the end. 2-0

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Gonzap »

more more, i'm a predictions!

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by sinewav »

[email protected], you had some good jokes in there. Great read. Also...
apparition wrote:The one thing lacking from team.uNk right now I think, is experience.
You're totally right. It's one of the things that frustrate us. We're a good team, but when you combine experience across players... we're simply losing to teams that have been playing longer (by a few years in most cases). It all adds up. Were still a new team if you think about it.

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Spook »

Opening Round
CTz v Dark Syndicate
This will be some good matches DS is looking foward to having some fun matches against CT alomst been 5 ladles since ive played against ct, But i think CT will ride into the next round with victory over us 2-0

Sweet Sixteen
CTz v Ct hulhu
This will be a good n strange match at the same time, since they are both CT team they know CT will advance no matter what but i think Ct hulhu will win 0-2

ID has been doing pretty decent and adding two euros to there fort team was a smart move but i dont see any of them playing in this ladle and since its in a euro server Tx walks out with a 2-0 victory

Hamboning v Rogue Tronners
Hamboning is the better ID team and with them playing in a US server will give them some advantage, but with titan being hungry and watching him cut there Defense's last night in pickup Rouge Tronners wins 2-0

The Collective v uNk.Team
This will be a tough match for Collective uNk has been playing there hearts out but Collective stops them short and wins 2-1

IronSide v pRu
Even tho Olive wont be with IronSide this ladle, they still have a strong team if they all show up they will beat pru, but pru has been doing good latley and this could go either way but i think Ironside wins 2-1

uNa v Team.uNk
uNk looks stronger this ladle and starting to gain playing experience with each other is they key they needed unk wins 0-2

Open Team v SHC
Good warmup match for SHC if open team shows up, they dont have to play to hard but they will be playing serious to get ready for the next match SHC wins 0-2

Tu v Speeders
This will be some good matches. the old SP gang is back together again but without Judders, if SP sweeprs play up to par against Tu they will win. On the other hand Tu has been getting better every ladle they play, they will play there hearts out here but it wont be enough to win. 0-2

Elite Eight

Ct hulhu v Tx
Hmm i really dont know what is up with Tx's lineup but it sure doesnt look good i hope they jinx us and forgot to put Rudy,Roter,Corn,JS and the rest on there. But i dont think Tx team will be good enought to handle CT 2-0

Rogue Tronners v The Collective
Collective needs to watch out for R they have some tricks up there sleeves and since olive is with them this ladle they will pwn R wins 2-1

IronSide v Team.uNk
Both pro teams with pro players but with Ironside not having Olive this ladle will hurt them against unk. uNk is looking forward to gaining that seed this ladle and they want it uNk wins 0-2

SHC v Speeders
Yet again another good but strange match both SP teams know they will get a seed coming of this match but Speeders want more then just a seed tho speeders win 0-2

Final Four

Ct hulhu v Rogue Tronners
This will be a krazy match and i will be there to watch it but Rouge wins 1-2

Team.uNk v Speeders
This will be a true test for uNk potter and slash will be ready to cut down speeders defense. but Speeders try to adapt before uNk wins there second match uNk wins 2-0


Rogue Tronners v Team.uNk
This is what we all have been waiting for two pro teams ready to kick each others Asse's but threw this long and hard beatup from both teams uNk comes away with Victory

uNk winz 0-2
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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Desolate »

Forgot to put rudy corn and roter, haha

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by gawdzilla »

is Rouge Tronners a new clan?

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by Magic »

Fate and dreAd win dread got right winner fate got right finals.

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Re: Ladle 43 Predictions

Post by .Wit »

not bad for my first prediction :)

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