Command list update.

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Command list update.

Post by QUARG »

I was wondering if the command list has been updated lately?
This list was generated by starting Armagetron Advanced version 0.3.0_alpha20060325 with the --doc option ... e_Commands

Also i was wondering if cycle_max_speed has been added?

Ty your friendly neighborhood QUARG.

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Re: Command list update.

Post by Z-Man »

I guess you answered your first question yourself :) You can always get an up to date list that applies to you (instead of some random SVN version) with the quoted command.
QUARG wrote:Also i was wondering if cycle_max_speed has been added?
Yes, only it's called cycle_speed_max.

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Post by wrtlprnft »

Anyways, I updated it to the latest trunk.
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