A Broken Link

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A Broken Link

Post by 007 »

In the section "Mapping" on the wiki, ArmaBell download link is broken.Is there another link for downloading ArmaBEll, or :cry: ?

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Post by Jonathan »

ArmaBell has been dead and gone for a while.

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an other broken link

Post by QUARG »

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Post by ed »

Search these forums for armabell.
I'm sure it'll lead you somewhere.

What Jonathan said is right, armabell is no longer being developed and the main app which used to tell you who was playing where is now broken.
But the map editor and text colour apps still work as well as they always did.

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Post by Phytotron »

Figured I would just post here rather than starting a new topic.

Since I don't do wiki, perhaps someone could delete the broken photobucket link here:

http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php? ... in_one_day

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