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Re: DunnoFlag

Post by kyle »

so basically this would need a new type of zone, Chaser zone's wish work and act like a flag but can be offset from the player and the ability to limit respawns, if you wanted to do it w/o a script

and i think if i remember right the flags have a small nuclear blast that shatters then into pieces when they are pulled, so they don't transfer to other players

I can only see you idea removing flags when a coredump happens and not when a suicide or TK happens, with your idea, but with the mario kart/diddly Kong they would.

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Re: The "Idunnowhattocallit"

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Cosmic Dolphin wrote:So, If you lose and one of your teammates* picks up your flag, it's returned and you don't* lose a flag?
*Fixed for you
Actually, that is how I want this to go, but that wasn't how we played, just when your flag is gone, it's gone. When all of your flags are gone, you're out. That's pretty much it.

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