Eddie's Transporter Zones Server

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Re: Eddie's Transporter Zones Server

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ed wrote:To be honest, I don't fully understand the K_5, K_{3,3} idea. It's some type of graph? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planar_graph
The idea is quite simple. Take a paper and draw five dots on it. Then try to draw a line between each pair of dots in such a way that no two lines intersect. You'll see that it's impossible -- i.e. this graph (K_5) is not planar. However, if you add a "teleport zone" that behaves like those zones in arma then you can do it. You'll just need to send one line into the zone and have it "jump over" a line and appear at the other end and connect it to the proper vertex. Just like i did on that image above.
Now my idea was to throw the user in a map with five normal zones and two teleports and have him try to draw something like that with his tail.
Unfortunately my exams are coming now, so i won't have much time.... but later i would want to work on this. There is certainly some potential here.
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