Bugfarm Elimination Sumo - Tournament Bug?

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Bugfarm Elimination Sumo - Tournament Bug?

Post by schwuli »

first of all i have to say that i havent found any thread for this server on armagetron multi-player -> servers. therefore i am going to post here. so just move the thread if topic is wrong.

i am really glad that bugfarm is back, but i have been experiencing this bug (?) for a few days. is it possible that tournament script switchs automatically off via night?! (maybe between 1 or 3 am gmt +1). first i thought that it swichtes off, because of too little players online. but today we have been between 8 - 10 players waiting for tournament. :( countdowns says something like: 4min, 3min -> 62min, 61min... that seems strange to me.

just to inform you ;)
i hope anyone can solve this problem, or maybe it should switch off via night and i havent understood :D dont know :roll:

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Post by Z-Man »

It's possible that the trigger has problems with hours between 0 and 10. I'll look into it.

(And for the future, there's the servers/test servers subforum for all things bugfarm.)

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