Fortress Cafe Crashes while using polls

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Fortress Cafe Crashes while using polls

Post by Joe »

Using the menu to kick someone the server drops everyone. It happened multiple times with different users. Just thought I'd post this......

Pink Tomatoes
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Post by Pink Tomatoes »

I can confirm that I replicated this behaviour on {PinkTomato} Fortress as well. It has been bugging me for a while, pat your self on the back for finding a possible cause :).

Hopefully this can lead to a fix :).

edit: Not totally sure if this helps, but here goes:

Code: Select all

(gdb) bt
#0  0x08126411 in eVoteItemKickServerControlled::DoCheckValid ()
#1  0x08120c2e in eVoteItem::CheckValid ()
#2  0x0811e010 in se_HandleKickVote ()
#3  0x0815600a in nDescriptor::HandleMessage ()
#4  0x08156d1a in rec_peer ()
#5  0x08157445 in sn_Receive ()
#6  0x0806cd8b in sg_Receive ()
#7  0x0806e6a2 in sg_EnterGameCore ()
#8  0x0806e754 in sg_EnterGame ()
#9  0x0806edf7 in own_game ()
#10 0x0807adb8 in sg_HostGame ()
#11 0x0804eb39 in main ()

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Post by Z-Man »

Fix committed. Good job!

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