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plage wrote:
I kicked you because you polled me
So if i poll someone i have to be sure its not an admin, otherwise i get kicked?
Yep. :)

Although, I stand by my earlier statement that a mod/admin should wait out the poll and *then* kick.

That's what I used to do. Never got kicked that way. It's how you know you're doing a good job, when a smeghead polls you and your players reject it. It validates your subsequent actions, no matter how mean they may be.

When an admin is polled, and players reject the poll, they're sending a message to the admin. They could ignore the poll if they don't want to send that message. When an admin cancels the poll, or kicks the original poller, he's sending a message back. HIS message is "I'm the boss, and you have to listen to me".

If we have to have government, please let it be controlled by the people. Never the other way around.

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