Eddie's Armathenticated Fortress

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Re: Eddie's Armathenticated Fortress

Post by starrynte »

srri to resurrect an old thread, but for the formula

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don't /total_rounds*total_rounds cancel each other out?

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Re: Eddie's Armathenticated Fortress

Post by Z-Man »

starrynte wrote:don't /total_rounds*total_rounds cancel each other out?
Not if you read it as

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which is the only way the formula makes sense anyway.

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Re: Eddie's Armathenticated Fortress

Post by ed »

Hi All,
Haven't been on the grid much these past couple of years. But I've played a few rounds recently and it's still a whole lot of fun! Well, it's just the same as it was. Are zones v2 stable yet?
Anyhow, I was asked where Eddie's Auth Fort went. Iirc my vps needed a complete rebuild about 18 months ago and I never did the work necessary to bring it back. Well I found a little time and had some spare bandwidth, so....

Eddie's Armathenticated Fortress is back! Again!

Nothing has changed since last time, I've just linked all the parts together on the server.
I have not played it with a full server, so have not fully tested it. I don't plan on spending a lot of time tweaking this server, it is what it is. But, if you do find any bugs, please let me know and I will attempt to fix them (it's been a while).
I will summarise some of the features of the server.

Standard fortress settings. Max players per team 7.
max players 15 (so one spectator).
The winning team must have 100 points and be a clear 10 points ahead of the other team to win.
You will need to have a forum account here in order to play there. Typing: replacing "myname" with your forum login and filling in your forum password when prompted should do it.
type "/help auth" on the server for more info.
The only authority accepted on this server is @forums.

There is a ladder here. At time of writing it is showing the old stats. New stats are being written to a new database, but since there is nothing there it's pointless displaying it yet.
As soon (if?) these tables get populated I will display the true ladders here.

There needs to be at least 4 people on the grid before the ladder gets written.

There are a few custom commands on the server like:

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/cmd ladder 
-show your place on the ladder
/cmd ladder 10
-display the ladder top 10
/cmd ladder players
-display the ladder scores of each player currently authenticated.
type "/help" on the server for more info.

There is team shuffling at the end of each match to try and balance teams based on each player's ladder score.

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Re: Eddie's Armathenticated Fortress

Post by AI-team »

Found a "bug"! ;D

Ladder-site says "Eddie's Armathenticating Fortress" although I'm sure it's supposed to be "Armathentication"
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