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They get more points by trying to conquer the gold zone, so no. Abandoning your own intact zone if there are enemy attackers free to grab it is not such a good idea; if your zone falls, 10 points are effectively gone (five points to the conqueror, five points less to you for holding it).

The main problem is when both zones fall and there are survivors on both teams. Then the game turns into a regular last team standing round, and that can drag. That doesn't happen often, though, and we can always up the collapse kill count if it gets annoying, and of course, there's the winzone.

Edit: another change. Basically, now ALL of the team that loses a zone gets killed, but with a 50 seconds delay. I expect to see mad suicide missions by them :) The visual feedback is a bit confusing, as the zone collapses only slowly, and it appears at first glance it does not collapse at all. Maybe someone has simple suggestions to make it better? Like, it could first collapse with the normal speed, then get resurrected and collapse again slowly.

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