Crazy Tronners Bugfarm Clone with Ladders © ed

For things that have to do with those crazy test servers... and yeah. By request of z-man, and, of course, you gotta obey...

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Crazy Tronners Bugfarm Clone with Ladders © ed

Post by DDMJ »


I was just browsing around the CT Forums when I came uopn this topic. Actually a server that sounds interesting: Normal Fortress, but with a good ladder system.

Bugfarm Fortress never had, and Fortress Café still doesn't even have, the ladder stats online.

This could be quite cool after all. I mean, the CTWF ladders are cool and all, but that's not just normal fort now is it ;).

Maybe we can get some nice big games going in there and finally be able to check an online ladder system :P.


Other alternative: If wrtlpwnd makes a ladder system for Café :D.


EDIT: I just re-read ed's post on the CT Forums...the 'after 2 minutes' part seems evil :twisted:.

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Post by Z-Man »

ooh, I'm curious what it may be :) Deathzones? Increasing cycle speed? Increasing cycle_delay? Moving zones?

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Post by epsy »

/me already sees himself 21 times in it

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