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Post by Sticky »

I wouldn't say this topic is annoying its just come back to the perpetual debate of what is wrong with armagetronad. Personally I agree that it is a lack of players, however don't think that more players will lead to more community, in fact i believe the exact opposite will happen. Currently the fortress/sumo group is very small meaning we do have to show a great deal of respect to each other or we can quickly get a bad reputation, this is something that will not happen with a large user base, look at counter strike if you see the same player twice your lucky so you can(and people do) act as you like. The main problem is we don't show this same respect to the new players as well, helping keep our user base small and meaning we cant get a decent game for about 2/3rds of the day.

Unfortunately I don't think money is the solution, there are enough good servers to accommodate the current users x3. I'm not sure there is much that can be done to force the expansion, it needs to grow organically and all we can do (except helping out the developers) is be nice and help out the newbies.

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ok, i see too much confusion about the main idea. i invite to read the opening post and i want to underline the main concept: "commune".
im not talking about respect here, there are already places where we talked and we are talking about armagetron players behavior and respect, and honour too.
im talking about organization.
to spend less money, to have less machines on, to economize energy...
there are various aspects of it.
it could surely help for good manners in game, but that is not the only reason to build it.
the main meaning is to convert somewhat that is of nobody to somewhat that is of everybody, this is the opposite of what is happening to some societies, where the "res publica" lost his original meaning: "public thing -> thing of everybody".
money solve a part of this problem, because if you pay something, you want it to run properly and if a group shares something paying it, all members want to organize and decide together how that thing has to be. indeed, it is not possible to have every single armagetron player paying, but changes need time.
and even if it would be wonderful to be able to change people to make everybody understand the meaning of public, i think this could be impossible here, playing a game. or maybe not.
but this is a start for better things.

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Post by 2020 »

brilliant rain
and phil
and sticky too

wrt sticky and the numbers problem:
the gap between skilled addicts
and noobs is vast
and too much to cross for most players...
they need an incentive...
because just now
it is like a noob at chess playing in a team game with/against a bunch of pros

i thought wrtl's server is the fortress homebase for now...

i am happy to contribute to a new server though
with money and time
if you think that will help...

it's about getting new blood in the game...
hold the line

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Post by HEXadecimal »

exactly, too many servers and not enough players. i think we have to market ourselves better, or at least get better known. i myself have introduced this game to many people. we all got to do our part, especially avid members of the forum. (your probably doing this already though)

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Post by Rain »

2020: yes, wrtl's is fortress home, actually. indeed paying a server could mean help wrtl paying his, to start this action.
also if players pay for a server they will be more interested to gain new players paying for that server to have everybody paying less.

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