FAQ - How to make a map.

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Re: FAQ - How to make a map.

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what in the world is a map transformer i always go on it and all it shows is a blank page...
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Re: dazed and confused

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dude i so totally agree so i will quote this reply just to keep it at top cuz i totally need help, too
Mister T wrote:i read all of those but it's not really built for someone whose new too making maps i do know how to change settings like cycle speed and that i do have dedicated downloaded but nothings really that clear on how to use dedicated to dedicate my map, The codes it shows on some of the links u gave like how to build map for beginners is pretty hard to understand and i dont know exactley where i would begin with those codes and exactley how to use them to thier full potential

got Any help for a poor confused map maker(well not quite yet a map maker :wink: ) please reply back to shed some light on the topics i've gone over thanks :D :o :o

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