Wall attributes.

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char const *pointer = "src/tron/gParser.cpp";
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Ok i went into parser.cpp (which i guess is c++) and found this...

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else if (isElement(cur->name, (const xmlChar *)"ObstacleWall", keyword)) {
            parseObstacleWall(grid, cur, keyword);
...what exactly is obstaclewall? Is it different from <wall>?

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QUARG wrote:...what exactly is obstaclewall? Is it different from <wall>?
Ignore it, it's not functionally different from <wall> and only there because it was in the first few iterations of the map format. For new features, you can ignore everything not in the current DTD.

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Jonathan wrote:
sinewav wrote:alpha channel
Oh, and someone implement depth sorting, depth peeling, ray tracing, or such. :)
hey dont forget bloom support :)

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Re: Wall attributes.

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Nice revival...

My comment was about transparent walls not working that well. Also, I'm not exactly a bloom fan. Leave that to flowers.

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Re: Wall attributes.

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It can be done.
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