feature request: specific sounds for certain traps

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Re: feature request: specific sounds for certain traps

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Lucifer wrote:The problem: How does the game tell what's going on? I have a path to a solution, but it's riddled with potholes and speed bumps, and there's a speed limit. And, dare I say, it's better to offload this into a scripting engine, anyway.
It could be made simple, though it would be limited. If you were to record moves and timing between moves, you would be able to identify certain mazes and traps done at a speed / size set by the game. This could allow some (hopefully not overly difficult) mazes that look cool or make a specific design to put out a message / sound as you've mentioned. The voice and text thing could be cool, as many other games have done. Obviously, this wouldn't allow all of the special "trapped an enemy in this special trap" sort of thing, but it would add little things to try for during a match. Maybe in certain cases, it could give you extra points and whatnot, which could either have a setting or just log it because different special moves would likely be worth different numbers of points, but servers like sumo where it could be dangerous to try and get away with it, maybe you could rack up some extra points while you dominate the ring.

Taken a step further, maybe it could even be in a separate file so servers can create their own special moves. This would allow scripts to give you bonus items, points, abilities, etc. based on what you do, adding another element to the RPG style servers. I would see having basically a file like this ...

Code: Select all

LEFT 50 25
RIGHT 50 25
LEFT 50 25
RIGHT 50 25
Basically having the direction, an expected time (in milliseconds), and the range allowed. For the example above, you would have to turn left, then right, then left, then right at approx 50 ms between each, but it would accept 25 - 75 ms between each. Maybe that is in a "stairmaster.cfg" file or something that would allow us to log a user completed that specific special move, so when it logs, I put out a message for just that user and give them a point via a script.

I guess I see using this for game abilities being better than having predefined ones for a voice message or something. More control on the server will always end up having uses we never imagined. I can picture an RPG where you have a teleport ability, but have to cast the spell.
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Re: feature request: specific sounds for certain traps

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Heh, I completely forgot about this.

Some more thoughts if you want to make it complicated:

- Make the music speed up/slow down depending on the average speed of the bikes in a server relative to the size of the server's arena so it's mostly a "harmonic" experience.

- Add/remove a characteristic instrument/timbre assigned to a specific player whenever that player dies, while increasing the volume of the remaining players' timbres (and perhaps emphasize it with some more variations and timbres as the round progresses).

- This is what I'm trying to get at: The sound is a sonic representation of the bikes and the bikes are, through their movement in the arena, a visual representation of the sound. There's more here, e. g. a sound for an approaching zone or the way the zone turns and changes colors and size, like a beating heart, an ever-changing equalizer or a turntable that follows the rhythm in some way (like turning clockwise beat by beat and then turning counterclockwise on the last beat, then clockwise again, and so forth).

- The challenge, as i see it, is to write music that always sounds fresh and doesn't get annoying and repetitive after an hour but also mustn't startle and surprise a player in critical moments. So to keep up the excitement, it should be something very "primal" and catchy, and simple sounding (even if it isn't easy to create), not necessarily too melodic. I don't know, I'm thinking of the Bolero or The Jezebel Spirit/Eno stuff (or, since I'm still learning guitar, Link Wray and Dick Dale, something that uses mostly the same few notes and chords but the vibrato and loudness and speed and the order in which they are played change just enough to make the listener not feel bored).

- Another element, or "accomplice", in this can be the camera movement, but I think you get the overall idea now so I don't think I have to elaborate here.
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Re: feature request: specific sounds for certain traps

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We might as well dig even deeper:


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