Error in the game(error en el juego)

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Error in the game(error en el juego)

Post by viñas »

Hola a todos me sucede un error en el juego que cuando estoy jugando un rato al juego,de repente me aparece un mensaje todo el rato que dice WARNING IN REAL sn_SendPlanned () in src/network/nNetwork.cpp 2822.
Timer Hickup.

y no sé como arreglarlo porque la verdad molesta bastante y si me pudieran ayudar se lo agradecería,es que me dijeron cómo se solucionaba pero en inglés y como que no me enteraba de mucho la verdad.

1 saludo,Viñas.

Esta es la solución que me dieron, si alguien me pudiera traducir lo que tengo que hacer... mucho mejor,no todo el texto sólo la solución que no la entiendo del todo.

aqui va:

ArmagetronAd is unplayable on my AMD Dual Core X2 System (might affect other Dual Cores)


* The console displays "Timer hick up"
* FPS are usually ok (above 30).
* might only occur in network games
* Game performance is very bad

At least three solutions for this problem are available:

* To fix this problem use your TaskManager to set ArmagetronAd.exe's cpu affinity to a single CPU.
* Disable Cool & Quite in BIOS
* Install the necessary Microsoft Hotfixes and depending on your System you might have to update your bios and drivers too.

Links (TODO replace links with links to better instructions!):

* Microsoft Knowledge base Article about Q896256
* AMD Dual Core Optimizer The fix is similiar to Microsofts, but only fixes a small part of it. The Microsoft patch also addresses power saving bugs (of Windows XP).

* Details: Armagetron Advanced 0.2.8.x(?) or later uses the high precision timer on Windows if available. (TODO confirm) This can be a problem on the new Dual Core Systems or malfunctioning Multiprocessor System. The Timer of each core runs at different speeds which results in a jumping timer! The AMD X2 Systems are affected because they have two separate timers for each CPU (Intels Core Duo CPUs share a single timer). The AMD X2 Systems are only affected with Cool & Quite power saving enabled otherwise both cores have the same timer speed. The Windows kernel schedules Armagetron Advanced between both cores which results in a jumping timer form Armagetron perspective.
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Post by Lucifer »

(nevermind, I didn't understand as much of what you said as I thought)

Esta un problemo que tu tienes dos cpu ou mas.

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Con que tu ha escribido, si en tu BIOS comprobas que "Cool n Quiet" esta desactivado o usa la maneje de tareas a fuerza armagetronad.exe a usar solo una do los CPUs en tu ordenador.

Lo siento por mi mal espanol.
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Post by viñas »

thanks.i will try to solve the problem,although i don't undertand you of all but thanks a lot hehe.

I will try to translate the text to spanish and then maybe i could solve the problem.

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