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Lobster Tank Parts In...

Post by DrJoeTr0n »

Alright guys, I just got the parts in. Here is what we're looking at

It's an old Dell XPS from 1999, (Hope its Y2K Compliant! :D) this might be a challenge to get working as a server. Well, run well I mean.

Intel Pentium III 500mhz

384mb SDRAM.

Didn't bother looking at the hdd, its like 20 gigs.

Might be putting mandrake on it.

Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

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Post by Tank Program »

I've got two XPSes. They run gentoo right now, rather well I might add. Shouldn't have any problems getting linux running on it.

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Post by TiS »

Make it a team battle server!! :P :mrgreen: :blank: :skull: :snail:
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