0.4 on os x and texture channels

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0.4 on os x and texture channels

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I probably missed something like a configure flag or something because I'm facing a problem I did not faced when I was compiling armagetronad with xcode. Here's the issue:
With the command line build system and the os-x-toolkit branch, texturing has reversed red and blue channels, making splash screen and textures look odd...
Changing a bit source code to use GL_BGR instead of GL_RGB actually fixed the issue, but yet, I wonder why it was working properly before.
Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 0.4 on os x and texture channels

Post by dlh »

This appears to be a bug in SDL_image. The toolkit is using version 1.2.12 (the latest as of this post), and the older version we were using (1.2.7) doesn't reproduce this issue.

I'll file a bug with a testcase to SDL's issue tracker.

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