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Re: released!

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The search function didn't give much results to me, so explain why theres no chance for a 2.8 version with minimap + customizable cockpit to this newb, please?

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Re: released!

Post by Z-Man »

Because the minimap and cockpit are Trunk code. We don't usually port back features from the trunk to stable branches, and especially not features as complex as those.

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Re: released!

Post by Word »

I can't do a debug recording of this since it's not even a real bug, but I'm using (the latest release on the site) on Windows 8.0 with 64bit graphics. I don't have that option in Armagetron so everytime I launch the game, Edd's title flashes, then it minimizes and I have to maximize it again. Maybe a lot of players with a similar setup don't get that far and that's part of the reason there are less people?

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Re: released!

Post by delinquent »

Little we can do. As always, Microsoft's implementation of 64bit anything is buggy as hell. I also foresee Microsoft dropping win8 development after the release of Win10, considering the MS customer base is so heavily divided on 8 and 8.1. Not as seriously as with Vista, but certainly divided enough to heavily affect takeup (not considering machines sold as-is with win8/8.1 - many of these will be downgraded anyway).

I think we'll have to wait and see what the crack is with this one. Certainly we've seen some nice implementations of features that are more common to Linux, such as PAE and logical memory organisation. I think this will slowly become a non-issue once win10 is a released, stable platform.

At any rate, I tried the tech preview with AA, and I certainly didn't notice any issues. In fact, the preview was exceptionally stable even running WatchDogs, with better performance than Win7.

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