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"Built-In" Avatars

Yes! I want to chose from a database of Avatars!
It doesn't matter, I'd upload my own anyway!
I don't care, I don't use avatars!
Total votes: 60

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Post by Patchman5000 »

Just for reference, if you put command (apple) shift and "3" at the same time you get a mac screenshot, :roll:

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Post by Your_mom »

wrong topic? :?

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Post by Lucifer »

nicolas.b wrote: i agree that it would be kind of cool, but winds up raising a bunch of new issues (like total avatar storage space and max # of avatars) that i don't really see being worth the trouble. but if you are still around, speed, i recommend surfing some phpbb forums and finding one that has the feature you are looking for. then the hack can be identified and installed, n'est pas?
Why not? Heh. (realizing this is an old thread and was old when I got here)

Having recently done work with images and databases, it's not that hard. You only store each avatar once, and then you have a field for each post that links to the avatar used to make that post.

The only difficulty is when avatars are hosted off-site. In that case you make it an option for users to disable this feature.

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Re: Avatars...

Post by Jonathan »

Tank Program wrote:Rightnow it's set up so you can upload an avatar, and will always be that way. The question is, should I get some "built-in" avatars?
Clear now?

BTW, I liked how I could host my own CGI avatar, even though it wasted my CPU time with nearly 1.3 million square roots per request. :)

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Re: Avatars...

Post by /dev/null »

Save your own damn picture.

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Re: Avatars...

Post by aP|Nelg »

2015 > 2005... Sorry this topic is 10 years outdated

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Re: Avatars...

Post by Durf »

and all that progression (sarcasm)

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