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When launching armagetronad in my Fedora Core 2 a lot of times it chashed throwing this error:
Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

After months searching I finally solved this error. It was a problem finding the right audio driver. I solved it doing this:
[[email protected] klaxnek]$ export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa
[[email protected]emesis klaxnek]$ armagetronad

Or simply editing /usr/local/bin/armagetronad and adding at the beginning 'export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa'

If you are not using ALSA or you get this error using another OS you can try with these another SDL_AUDIODRIVER:

Code: Select all

openbsd (OpenBSD)
dsp (OSS /dev/dsp: Linux, Solaris, BSD etc)
alsa (Linux)
audio (Unix style /dev/audio: SunOS, Solaris etc)
AL (Irix)
artsc (ARTS audio daemon)
esd (esound audio daemon)
nas (NAS audio daemon)
dma (OSS /dev/dsp, using DMA)
dsound (Win32 DirectX)
waveout	(Win32 WaveOut)
baudio (BeOS)
sndmgr (MacOS SoundManager)
paud (AIX)
AHI (Amiga)
disk (all; output to file)

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Wow! Well done!

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Well done indeed!

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