var/bans.txt symbolic link ?

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Re: var/bans.txt symbolic link ?

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It's not, but a CFG is just a structured plaintext file with extra steps. You can rename the bash script to mcp.cfg and it's perfectly fine - although windows might add some weird spacing chars. There's plenty of options to get around that though.

Here's your script Galaxip: ... er-ban.cfg

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Re: var/bans.txt symbolic link ?

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Re: var/bans.txt symbolic link ?

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thanks guys

btw I forgot to say that i installed my servers following this guide ... tallation/

so the script i posted assumes that youre running all your servers from the same chunk of metal and sends the ban_ip / unban_ip to the command.txt file in this setup, youre on your own for anything other than this but im sure you can figure it out as the idea is simple enough
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