Memory Leak

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Re: Memory Leak

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aP|Nelg wrote:
Lucifer wrote:How does it run? Is it running on a webserver? Or is it being executed from the arma dedicated server? Running as a separate process?
I believe they're starting it in the start script alongside the server - they aren't using SPAWN_SCRIPT for some reason.
I actually asked Nelg to answer this for me, because I wasn't even really sure what you meant (this is all Nelg's and's side of things).
But, yes, I think we should change it so that I don't have to restart the whole server every time the memory usage gets too high.
Lucifer wrote:
Light wrote:
Lucifer wrote:I generally agree, but the difference between you and I is that you've actually seen his script. :)
Sort of. I haven't exactly sat down and looked at it. I glanced quick enough to see that EOF was checked.
Well, if he'd posted it here in a code block, I'd have read it in some detail and offered more useful feedback. ;) But since he apparently wants near-NDA consent before sending it....
I just don't want clones to pop up everywhere :P
I'll PM it to you.

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Re: Memory Leak

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ConVicT wrote:(this is all Nelg's and's side of things).
Close enough.

I thought it was set up to use SPAWN_SCRIPT originally though, but I am probably wrong.

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