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Post by Crazy »

anyone know where i can get armabell?
i've searched and found nothing....when i try to find one, then download it, it doesn't open.

so anyone got a working copy?where can i get it?

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Post by philippeqc »

Hi Crazy and welcome to the forums!

As I didnt know either where to get armabell, I did a quick googling for it here.

What might have slipped your attention is that the first link is from our own wiki. Notice the "" in the its url. It should be pretty safe to use any download suggested there. So lets follow that link.

The wiki article gives you some links for the software and for plug-ins.

This wasn't trivial, as one needed to be aware of our domain name. But now you know about it and will be able to find it back in a breeze.

Canis meus id comedit.

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Post by Z-Man »

Armabell is dead, with no chance to revive it. The author lost the source code, and the binaries that are out have an expiry date built in that has long passed. (Ok, according to the WIKI, the map editor still works, but AFAIK, it's unfinished).

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Post by ed »

It's true, the main armabell program is dead. There was a patched version that made it work, but the servers it used to connect to are no longer running so it is useless anyway.

What you may be looking for is not Armabell. Armabell's main function was to allow players to view quickly who was currently online at which servers. You could also set up your "buddys", so you could quickly see at a glance, which of them was online and where. There was also a start made on adding clan support.

You may be after the armabell plugins, the map editor and arma text colour maker apps.
They used to need armabell running in order to run themselves, and since armabell (out of the box) no longer runs, unless you set your pc date back to sometime before June 06 or sumsuch, they themselves became obselete also.

There was a post somewhere that linked to a small package just containing the plugins, the patch and batch files to get them working together. But that link no longer works, so I've attached the files here, simply unzip to a folder, double click on start_maped.cmd to start the map editor and start_textcolors.cmd to start the text colour app.
They even work in linux for me using wine:
wine aps.exe armabellmaped.exe
wine aps.exe armabelltextcolors.exe

Be warned the map editor is a tad buggy and has a tendency to crash just after you've spent an hour building the perfect map. My advice, save often.
It will make maps, but they will not be usable. You will need to understand the basics of making maps by hand to actually play them.

When that's all said and done. Using Inkscape to make maps gives you so much more freedom. But does require some extra effort and understanding. Armabell map editor is as good a place as any to start building quick and dirty maps.
Armabell Plugins
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