Tronsector Bright Blue Floor

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Tronsector Bright Blue Floor

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This moviepack is a "waste" product of the search for the new default textures
for 0.2.8. The texture consists of a big tron sector map and the word
"ArmagetronAd" as a barcode. The Grid Map is used with permission by author
David "Auric" Hernly. The original image can be found at (used as background).
The floor is closely colored after floor of the light cycle game in
the tron movie. This variation uses the brighter floor colors from the movie.

This moviepack requires v0.2.8 of Armagetron Advanced. It will probably not
work in any version after 0.2.8, and it definitely doesn't work in any version
before 0.2.8.

The artwork rim_wall*.png files are under Creative Commons
Attribution-NoDerivative. Created by with permission to use the
modified grid map (original by:David Hernly).
The floor*.png and settings.cfg files are public domain.
The other files are default resouces from ArmagetronAd 0.2.8.

Tronsector Bright Blue Floor ZIP
(407.31 KiB) Downloaded 378 times

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