M3l0npack: 2010 inspired Moviepack

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M3l0npack: 2010 inspired Moviepack

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During quarantine I was messing around with movie-packs and decided to create a movie-pack based on the 2010 Tron film designs. I posted it on the armagetron discord and a few people wanted me to share it so here it is...

I would post on my main account but for some reason it wont allow me to sign into the forums (if you have any advice please message me :D )

Anyway, due to my terrible file management I was only able to scrape up an older version which isn't quite as complete, but if I do find the complete model ill update this post. I will probably keep working on this over time or make new movie-packs.

(2.04 MiB) Not downloaded yet
(2.25 MiB) Downloaded 1 time
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Re: M3l0npack: 2010 inspired Moviepack

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