Question about graphical Tron:Legacy Support

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Question about graphical Tron:Legacy Support

Post by Zachary1234 »

Are there any plans, or work underway, to add support to armegatron lightcycle racing,
graphical support for the more recent style shown in Tron: Legacy?

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Re: Question about graphical Tron:Legacy Support

Post by INW »

Nobody races anymore.

It used to be popular way back in the day. (ahem, only 3 years ago)

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Re: Question about graphical Tron:Legacy Support

Post by sinewav »

INW wrote:Nobody races anymore.
What in the world are you talking about? AoT Advanced Racing had people in it every day for the last two years. Where were you? Still bemoaning the disappearance of Delicious Desserts? :roll: Also, I'm pretty sure he's using the term "racing" generically since that's what you do with a lightcycle. It doesn't mean the genre of racing (like Fort and Sumo are genres).

Zachary1234: There is a feature called "moviepacks" which allow you to easily change the textures of Armagetron. They are like replacement textures, or a mod. Here is one based off TRON:Legacy. Here are pictures of it.

Instructions on how to install and use moviepacks can be found here: ... _Moviepack

I suggest you spend some time on the wiki getting familiar with the game. Customizing it is very fun and easy to do. You can take textures from other Legacy-like moviepacks and combine them into your own if you'd like.

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