GLtron - Making custom arenas - meshes / scripts

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GLtron - Making custom arenas - meshes / scripts

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My apologies that this is a thread about GLtron, but I contacted the author of that game and one doesn't get a response through email, the last time I received a reply from him was through these boards, so perhaps he doesn't check his email very regular. Hopefully he will either see this thread, or one of the posters here will be able to help.

Right, now we have that out of the way, the problem I am having.
I cannot get custom levels I create to show a texture in game.

I am not sure if its because it has to be a single mesh or if it has to be grouped.
I made some tests, see link for files. it has meshes an scripts- ...
testarena.obj, is 4 separate meshes
testarena2.obj is grouped
I made 2 scripts for each mesh, arena1.lua is the one that uses 4 separate meshes for the walls, and arena2.lua uses the grouped mesh.

In both of these the texture does not show on the walls, could anyone please tell me why this does not work, I really would love to create custom arenas but I am unsure of the process.

Also I notice that for the mac version it doesn't look like custom arenas are there as I don't see the options or files in the game, is it possible to use custom arenas for the mac version as well?

Thank you for any help.

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