Fortress Moviepack 2.0

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Fortress Moviepack 2.0

Post by Lacrymosa »

This is basically ed's pack, just with a different design. But I made a few changes: I added the "quadrants" and also the arrows Lucifer was talking about. Let me know what you think.
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Post by zoidberg »

very nice!
I'm downloading it right now :)
I like the quazi-futuristic football kind of thing goin' on.

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Post by sinewav »

That's awesome. I'm new to fortress and that gives me a better understanding of the layout and game play. Like, fortress training-wheels. or something like that. Kudos.

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Post by 2020 »

didn't realise this was here

should use this for conc's tron_fortress split
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Post by noob_saibot »

cool just downloaded this one.......will try it out shortly 8)
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Re: Fortress Moviepack 2.0

Post by custang »

This is great, do you think you could make one just like this but with the normal tron style look? (If you know what i mean).
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