New Default Font Proposal - ORBITRON

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New Default Font Proposal - ORBITRON

Post by Rain »

Greetings Developers,

I appreciate the introduction of TTF since alpha 0.3 and even if I ignore the author, I am pleased that someone took the time to design a custom font for AA.

Nevertheless I have got to say I am not very satisfied with the quality of it. Different glyphs appear to have different styles or even weights in respect to the others. And the faults are not limited to their main qualities (more or less condensed, more or less bold, etc.). The whole style appears to be inconsistent.

Now, I know there is a lot of work behind a typeface and I am sorry I do not have the competences to fix it, just those which suffice to see it is not right (which is an inherited curse I am afraid).

Therefore I would like to suggest an open-source font by Matt McInerney called Orbitron, which is part of The League of Moveable Type. It appears to be just what we are looking for in terms of style, and it is professionally designed.

The swap should be painless, except maybe for the size of the console text which renders some points bigger than I feel it should, and so do the NAMES_OVER_CYCLES. At least for my taste.

The source is distributed with the download and the license is the SIL Open Font License (OFL).

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