windows development wiki ???

What do you want to see in Armagetron soon? Any new feature ideas? Let's ponder these ground breaking ideas...
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windows development wiki ???

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This wiki is a bit confusing for what i need to start developing ... ent_System

I do not know what i need and what i only have to choose 1 of

maybe horizontal rulers ____ is the code to separate sections

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hi, sorry I've been too busy to answer all those questions lately.

kyle: Feels free to improve the site, please send me a PM how to get in contact with you directly. If it's not possible can you explain your current problems, and feel free to improve the wiki pages.

You need Code::Blocks with MinGW and some SVN client to checkout the armagetron and winlibs from SVN. (Or you download released source archives from or the sourceforge page.)

Building trunk will fail at the moment until I've fixed the remaining issues.
One major problem for me is that I have to find a way to do generate a parser with bison, which might be a bit tricky. I'll update this thread once I've fixed trunk's project files.

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