How to create an online game

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How to create an online game

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How do I create an online game? I am under the impression that you create a map, then go to the url via multiplayer. But how to I do all the other things that other online games do? like making zones, coloring them, moving them, and making other online players die for whatever reason, being able to accept /instachat commands, and all kinds of other stuff. How to I do these things. Is there anyone that can give some help?

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Re: How to create an online game

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Your default map is a square. You can use different maps, and to do so you will need either "include" or "rinclude". The first requires a whole URI, whereas the second defaults to the standard resource location (

To use them in an ad-hoc match, enter the following:

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/admin rinclude resource/<username>/<path>/<to>/<resource>

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/admin include<path>/<to>/<resource>
You can browse the resource tree yourself:

If you want to create a map, you'll need to familiarise yourself with the aamap.xml format. However, there are some semi-functional tools - Durf still hosts a number of them at

Now, the most important adminstration tools you will require will be suspend, start_new_match, and rename. They are exactly as I typed them - so like so:

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/admin start_new_match
There is a non-exhuastive list of commands here:

Many games require the use of a script to perform additional functions, like map rotation. This is a slightly more advanced topic, but scripts can be built in almost any language that is supported on your system - even powershell and bash. A number of administrators favour Python, and I myself favour C# or Ruby (although the latter I find difficult to run with armagetronad, and the former is locked to windows unless you restrict yourself to Mono). Additionally, you'll need to use the dedicated binary for this purpose, as including scripts from within the game is restricted.

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