And now we have git.

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Re: And now we have git.

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Z-Man wrote:
Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:52 pm
There now is a fork of bzr called Breezy or brz, ported to Python 3. I noticed all this because Arch replaced bzr with it, breaking my local git-bzr. I don't think it does us any good here, git-bzr would need to be adapted to it.
I've learned that Breezy supports git by itself, so one can `bzr push` to something like `git+ssh://[email protected]/armagetronad/armagetronad.git,branch=master`.

I was able to push a bazaar instance of an Armagetron branch to a Git repository. It also seems to be able to work directly with Git repositories, however I haven't tried pushing one of those to a Bazaar branch on Launchpad.

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Re: And now we have git.

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Yeah. Is it merge compatible, though? I could not get it to merge git+ssh://[email protected]/armagetronad/armagetronad.git,branch=master and lp:armagetronad, I tried both directions. Closest probably was merging lp:armagetronad into a local clone of the git one:

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$ brz branch git+ssh://[email protected]/armagetronad/armagetronad.git,branch=master
$ cd armagetronad.git
$ brz merge lp:armagetronad
brz: ERROR: Ghost tags not supported by format <breezy.git.branch.LocalGitTagDict object at 0x7f8c44f892b0>.
No clue what ghost tags are. Google gave nothing on that error; some changelog said something about a fetch-ghost brz command. Tried that (maybe ghosts are things not yet locally present and fetch-ghosts fetches them, turning them real?), same result afterwards.

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