Web Map Editor / Vectron

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Web Map Editor / Vectron

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Hi everyone, I have been inactive for quite some time now. Some of you might remember me as Tristan, I hosted the racing servers for a while. This project was started to allow racers an easy and intuitive method of map creation. The code for this project was written in a weekend and was my first time developing a highly interactive web based JavaScript application.

There are some obvious changes I would make to the design of the software if I were to approach this again, but I am not sure if I will continue development as I am extremely busy with school right now. I thought I would at least post this as the software does function (load/save/name maps) as intended.

You can view the editor right now at http://vectron.tronner.com/, the source code is available on github https://github.com/tjohnw/Vectron. This includes the original build I made along with a slightly cleaner / refactored version (some variances with the controls) that Hoop contributed when I contacted him about further development.

Wall tool - Click to start wall and add points, double click to end.
Zone tool - Click to place zone, +/- keys (no caps) will change the size of the zone, holding shift +/- will lock units to grid
Spawn tool - Click to place spawn, rotate mouses to align axes (currently only supports 8). Click again to set axes.
Select tool - Select stuff (works relatively well)

I don't have time to take any screenshots right now, but I could add them sometime this week.

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Re: Web Map Editor / Vectron

Post by ConVicT »

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Re: Web Map Editor / Vectron

Post by sinewav »

TJohnW wrote:Some of you might remember me as Tristan...
Hey man, I remember you! I also remember this project from long ago. Looks fantastic mate. Definitely bookmarking for later.

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Re: Web Map Editor / Vectron

Post by kyle »

I remember vectron

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