What do you want to see in Armagetron soon? Any new feature ideas? Let's ponder these ground breaking ideas...
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Post by /dev/null »

So you **** have spent a decade ruining any reason to play tron.

Frankly you shouldnt be able to touch tron unless you know how it works.

Pretty obvious you dont captain spin around the boring ctf server without learning anything.

I know youll get aids and no one will care, contine sucking bitchtits.

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Re: Lies

Post by Slov »

can somebody please explain to me why is this guy still allowed to post here?
.pG (only like, the best clan ever)

my mixtape fire tho

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Re: Lies

Post by Z-Man »

Not me. And I don't have to. Well, a little bit, two of his recent drunken insult posts did start interesting threads.
The ban was decided when he posted this roundabout personal attack without reason: ... 12#p295812
It was only a question of how long. This post did not help. Neither did a PM. I set it up to be permanent.
I'm willing to get my mind changed. Anyone wants to answer Slov's question?

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Re: Lies

Post by [Anonymous] »

I've probably been banned more times than this guy has gotten warnings

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Re: Lies

Post by sinewav »

Z-Man wrote:I'm willing to get my mind changed. Anyone wants to answer Slov's question?
Disclaimer: This is not intended to change anyone's mind and I am not defending /dev/null.

In the past, he posted a lot less frequently so the rants were easier to ignore. There is also the fact that his ranting is so outrageous he comes across as a caricature of an on-line gamer rather than a real person, thus hard to take seriously. Also, he sometimes squeezes a in good point (or even helpful advice/perspectives) among the taunts, which complicates things a little. Overall, he's an interesting character in small doses but I see how this stuff can easily become annoying when happening on a weekly basis.

If he can manage to kick it down a couple notches I wouldn't object to a ban-lift. However, it seems his contribution to Armagetron is more comic relief than anything else, which is too bad because he seems capable of helping with development.

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Re: Lies

Post by breeze »

For whatever reason I don't take his speech literally or seriously. I think he does what he does to encourage people to PLAY the game and compete; and that I can't object to. An outsiders' perspective might be different, but beside from the language he chooses, he's basically harmless.

Also, he does add relevant and helpful information in some support topics.

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Re: Lies

Post by Phytotron »

sinewav wrote:he comes across as a caricature of an on-line gamer
On the real, a typical Gamer is worse.

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